About us

Minerva House is family-owned by Kate and Ray Fraser, and Anna and Warren Armstrong. Kate and Anna are sisters and have come together with their families to continue the dream of the founders to provide a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Kate and Ray have two school aged children and share the desire to provide the highest quality early education for children at such a crucial stage of their learning and development. Kate and Ray are actively involved in the day to day management of Minerva House and are dedicated to ensuring all children, parents and staff are welcomed and have a true sense of belonging within the centre. Kate and Ray combine their extensive knowledge and management expertise and the resolute desire to provide children with opportunities to challenge themselves, be challenged and be creative in their natural desire to learn.

Anna and Warren have three children. Anna is a qualified and passionate early childhood teacher, who has been involved in the establishment and management of two other centres in Canterbury whereby she continues to be actively involved in teaching, administrative and management roles. The Fraser and Armstrong families are committed to see Minerva House remain one of the very best Early Childhood Centres Christchurch has to offer.

Jacinta Paterson is the Centre Manager at the centre and has been at Minerva House for 7 Years.  Along with the three Head Teachers, Teachers, Teacher Aide, Chef, and our reliable pool of relievers they all do an excellent job on a day to day basis of ensuring the smooth running of Minerva House.