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Caterpillar room

Vision statement: 

In the Caterpillar Room we have a holistic approach where we will provide a respectful, safe and home like environment. Teachers will provide a stimulating, developmental learning experience where children are able to learn as individuals, along with their peers, family and extended community. Through this children will have the desire to become lifelong learners.’

Daily routine:

8:00—9:10am Haere Mai – Welcome Child Initiated Play and Welcome. Children have the opportunity to experience child initiated play.

9:10am Awhina Ringa – Helping hands. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for the classroom, environment, equipment and resources, helping to tidy up alongside teachers.

9:15am Wa Whariki – Circle Time Circle Time is a fun, exciting and effective way to learn with and alongside others. Children become familiar with every day happenings such as the weather, day of the week, as well as learning shape, colour, number and through repetition and song. Also the children have the opportunity to share news with their peers

9.25am Tāima akomanga – Work Cycle. Children are encouraged to use the Montessori equipment, these activities offer children opportunities to learn self-help skills; helping them gain confidence and control of their bodies, work towards gaining independence and completion of a work cycle. Teachers support children by demonstrating the new activities and offering extension activities

10am Morena Kai – Morning Tea Children are offered a selection of fruit and a healthy snack while sitting together at tables.

10.20am Whare paku – Toileting for all children

10.40am Wa tātai maha – Inside / Outside / Multi-purpose Time. An experience is offered upstairs and downstairs promoting music and movement, fine and gross motor skills, and creative exploration. These are planned to link in with the children’s individual interest and our group focus area. The children also use this time to explore their outdoor environment, engage in play with their peers, help in the garden and partake in child initiated play.

11.45am Taima tina – Lunch time. Children sit together in the dining room upstairs and eat lunch which has been prepared on site, fresh that morning. After eating, children are encouraged to tidy away their plates and wash their hands and face.

12:20pm Whare paku – Toileting for all children

12.15pm Kōrero paki – Story time. Children that are sleeping get ready for bed.

12.30pm Ka Kite Ano/Kiaora – Farewell/Welcome Children Taima Moe – Sleep Time for those children requiring a sleep

12.30pm Tua atu kura Child initiated play/ emergent experiences

2.30pm Mahi taima – Circle Time – Peace Song

2.45pm Ahiahi Kai – Afternoon Tea

3.00pm Tāima waho – Inside / Outside Time / Multipurpose time / Helping hands

3:30pm Whare paku – Toileting for all children

4.30pm – 5.30pm Quiet activities, late snack. Ready to go home